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U.S. F-15 Eagle´s support Operation Odysey Dawn.

03/26/2011 - Lakenheath - ( Gread Britain ) - F-15E's Depart RAF Lakenheath in Support of Operation Odyssey Dawn. Footage of F-15E's departing Royal Air Force Military Base (RAF) Lakenheath in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn. Scenes include the jets taxiing down the runway, being checked by the flight line crew and taking off. Produced by Tech Sgt. Nick McNaughton. Provided by 48th Fighter Wing Public Affairs.

100th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron personnel perform pre-flight inspection on aircraft departing in support of Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn. 351st Air Refueling Squadron personnel perform pre-flight inspection brief. Provided by 100 Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs. Infos & Videos by DVIDSHUB.net  - www.dvidshub.net  

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