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The republican would-be presidents on CNN.

06/14/2011 - Manchester ( New Hampshire - USA ) -  John King of CNN presented in a TV to show seven republican presidential candidates under it also a woman.

After very short time the spectators ascertained amazed which the candidates to themselves have attacked mutually hardly or not at all. The enemy's picture is called Obama, which one in 06. November.2012 would like to hunt for the White House. However, the debate was often dull and a little refreshing what one can say of the talking swings the tea party movement, otherwise, not really.

06/14/2011 -  CNN - GOP blast Obama during debate. CNN's Jessica Yellin has the highlights from the first major debate of the primary season.

Unfortunately, one Must ascertain as an expert of the Scene also which can be explained the candidate list of the Republicans absolutely as Very questionable.

Thus the candidate Mitt Rommey has initiated the same health reform like president Obama as a governor of Massachusetts almost precisely. Now interestingly president Obama health reform is fought by the Republicans.

Because Newt Gingrich's adviser should be on the run because them Gingrich for chaotic and unpredictable should hold and probably also because openly have Gingrich with the jeweller Tifany still some calculations, his appearance would be excused.

Also there is excused the enterpriser Herman Cain who has already made clear in the approach hes no politician and from political draughts has no notion. In the past debate he still put clearly he of foreign affairs no notion has. He would leave important decisions to his advisers, if he became a president.

Quite anew in the running is since also Mrs. Bachman Yesterday of the tea party movement. On account of Mrs. Palin also in the running goes is still open to fear, however, it would be. To what extent several candidates within the tea party movement are generally survivable will appear. -Detlef E. Friedrich-  Video by CNN - www.cnn.com  

>>> Republican rivals face off in New Hampshire. -Video- <<<

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