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Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison on energy prices and Obama administration.

05/21/2011 - Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison ( R-TX ) on energy prices and Obama administration.

05.21.2011 - In the Weekly Republican Address, Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison discusses soaring energy prices and how the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress continue to prevent commonsense increases in domestic energy supplies.

Sen. Hutchison says, "With energy prices soaring nationwide, many American families are struggling to put gas in their cars and trucks. We are seeing the price of food and other goods rise. An overwhelming majority of Americans say gas prices are causing financial hardship for their families. And more than half say they have had to make major changes to their budgets to compensate.

"Unfortunately, rather than work to increase domestic energy production and help bring down gas prices, the Obama Administration is seeking to impose more regulations and taxes on oil and gas companies. This is placing our own valuable resources out of reach and stifling job creation -- their proposals will actually increase pain at the pump.

"Earlier this week, Republicans put a modest bill to increase production on the floor, and Democrats couldn't even support that with gas hovering around $4 a gallon!

"Republicans have consistently called for greater access to our domestic sources of energy to spur good American jobs, and to prepare for circumstances we can't control, like natural disasters or unrest in the Middle East that creates instability and drives up the cost of a barrel of oil. We have vast resources under our land and we need to safely explore and develop them to have a stable energy supply for our consumers and our economy."

She concludes, "Our country needs a long-term policy that provides energy from our own ample natural resources. We can provide a clean environment and affordable energy for our nation's families and businesses.

"It is not enough for the President to talk about producing energy in America. We call on him to put policies in place that cut the bureaucratic red tape and put Americans to work doing it.

"A comprehensive energy policy can't be driven by gas prices or polling numbers. It requires a steady approach that will result in a stable supply of energy. We have an abundance of oil and natural gas -- now we need to access it. Tapping our own vast resources will help lower energy costs for Americans, add high-paying jobs to our economy, and strengthen our security for future generations."   - Infos and Video by GOP.gov  -

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