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Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney on Taxes, Outsourcing and come out fighting.

10/17/2012 - Hempstead ( New York - USA ) - Video (left) - Candidates Trade Jabs on Outsourcing. President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney traded jabs over outsourcing during Tuesday's presidential debate. Romney said he will label China as a currency manipulator if he is elected, while Obama said Romney's tax proposals favor outsourcing. In Oil-rich Texas, a Feisty Fight Over Pipeline. In one of the most unlikely places, Texas, landowners are fighting the a Canadian company's plans for a pipeline bringing oil from Alberta's tar sands region. Landowners say the plans take their land for the wrong reasons. Video (right) - Obama and Romney come out fighting. US presidential rivals both went on the attack in their second make or break televised debate. President Barack Obama knew he had to appear more energised than in the first one while his Republican challenger Mitt Romney aimed to capitalise on his previously strong performance.


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