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Occupy Wall Street „We are the 1%“.

10/12/2011 - Syosset ( New York - USA ) - New York talk about the 99% who still camp close to Wall Street Manhattan.

New York Post - Protesters get new facilities. New facilities help protesters stay and survive in Zuccotti Park with everything from food to medicine.

I spoke to people on Long Island outside the confusion and most of the people here don‘t even take the protest serious.

„These people don‘t know what they´re talking about. If they would known they would stop this act and go back to normal.“

„There is no reason to protestand it is just ridiculous to go to this place, stay there for days just to hold up a sign that says ‚we are the 99%‘„

On Long Island are living most middle-class or rich people who don‘t even care about the situation in lower-class districts. They life far away from the trouble in the city and they have no need to be anxious. But this is just about Long Island and there residence.

I went to Wall Street to form my own opinion. The entire area around the protesting people is enclosed with protective gratings and a lot of officers. People come to be a part of the 99% or just to call at and take pictures. It is sad to see all those people sitting right there, sleeping on the floor and wait for something to change. The police is still present and I thing it will take some longer to find a way out of this situation.

By now we have 26 days and the protest is still going strong but the local news report about it decreasingly every day.
The-Newstime.com / E. Geisler, Syosset, New York.

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