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Occupy Wall Street Demonstration.

10/01/2011 - New York ( USA ) - Video ( left ) - Broadway and Cortlandt Street blocked by Occupy Wall Street Demonstration. September 24, 2011. About 40 minutes into the demonstration, the march stopped in front of Century 21 on Broadway and Cortlandt Street and caused a few minutes of NYC gridlock on a Saturday afternoon. Video ( right ) - Two Rough Arrests at Occupy Wall Street. Two people brought down with excessive force by NYPD at the Occupy Wall Street march on 9/24. This happened at 12th St and University, near Union Square Park. NYPD brought out orange mesh barriers in an attempt to corral people and arrest them. Around 80 were arrested. Most occurred near Union Square. 
Infos & Video by YouTube - www.youtube.com  

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