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Interview from 03.05.2009

Interview - Mary Win singer and composer from Seattle Washington - USA!

Question:: You started singing with 5 you wrote your first song with 15 and you had your first solo show with 17! Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Mary Win: In my eyes I can’t put my music carrier in a timeline but it’s a big dream to become a musician and I get a lot of support. With middle 20 I hope I can finance my life with my music. If not I have to look for something else to earn money with. But I will definitely play music for the rest of my life.

Question:: You like vanilla ice crème and big stakes. That is every woman nightmare. How do you keep yourself fit?

Mary Win: I am settled and work on my songs or take records. On Sundays I like to sleep in until noon. That is my lifestyle. Every morning I make some gymnastic. On Sundays I like to take a walk with my dog, my friends or my family. All musicians especially guitarists should train their muscles 35 to 40 hours per week. That is 150 hours per month and 1800 hours per year. I don’t have a special diet I just like to eat broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and yoghurt. I like to drink black tea with soymilk and a teaspoon of sugar for breakfast. For dinner I cook meat and vegetables or potatoes and rise.

Question:: You got a lot of male fans. How many proposals do you get honestly?

Mary Win: I received a few emails from fans but that is more fun than anything else. I wrote a song about love and marriage "Khasma". It isn’t out yet but this song reflects my personal opinion about it. Soon I will upload the video to the song on my YouTube - Channel.. Everybody can sign in to my mailing list and will receive all information. Of course you can download all my songs as mp3 for free.

Thank you Mary for that short interview. I am positive you will be successful as a musician.

More about Mary Win to find here:www.marywinmusic.com

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