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Interview from 15.04.09:

This week - Tony Alonso - DJ, musician & producer from Mallorca (Spain)!


Question: Since 2004 you work as a DJ, musician and producer in Spain. You also work together with the “studio 33”. You also say you had something to do with Modern Talking. How did that influent your work?

Tony: No, I never had something to do with Modern Talking. I am part of a younger genaration. I like to work with Baccara and her songs – Yes Sir – or boggie 2005 for example. Or a remix with Lian Ross and two FRIEND NEVER GONNA and a lot more. You have to listen to it to understand it. Ist hard to discribe.

Question: You need to get prepared for your performance and you work all night long how do you find time for your 2 year old son?

Tony: My son ist he most important part for me! I am busy with preparations from my gigs for my costumers and I spend a lot of time in my small. Whenever I can I try to arrange my work to have a lot of free. My son is my supporting pillar in my life and I love him.

Question: You are single. Be honest. The women like the stuff you do and DJ’s right? Do you need to give out numbers or can you handle it?

Tony: There are a lot of women who like to know how good they are. Others just want to know more about the job as a DJ. Others are just curious. You can find all different types of women and get to know them. Some experience are nice and others are not so much but you can always lern from it.

Thank you Tony fort hat short interview and good luck in the future and have fun:-)!

More informations about Tony and his work to find unter this link: ! CDs and more from Tony!

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