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Interview from 08.06.09:

This week – Musician and composer Ciaran Brennan from Dublin (Ireland)!

Question: You compose your own songs. Where are u most creative? At home in an Irish Pub or when u listen to music?

Ciaran: I think I’m really creative when I can take some time for myself and relax at home with my guitar. I don’t really plan on writing a song but when I play my guitar I get the best ideas to write down. Normally it takes me 15-20 minutes to finish a song. I always record it by then and post it on YouTube ( www.youtube.com/user/ronb15 ) Here I can see how the people like my sings. I wrote around 100 Songs about my life as a teenager up to my life today. Unfortunately I lose a lot of my ideas if I don‘t write them down. Sometimesnn It is hard to remember ideas that u had before.

Question: You said that u play for a hobby at the moment but as good as u play your songs it shouldn’t be so hard to find an Irish Pub in Dublin to play in.

Ciaran: It truely is just a hobby at the moment. I dont have the time to do more with it. I hope I will get some gigs soon and that I can play my music for other people. At the moment I use YouTube to boost my self-confidence and to find audience who like my music. I am happy about every new subscription. But who knows if maybe I can make the next step to extend my musical. I want to send my songs to a studio to create an album from all my songs. It would make it easier to find a gig.

Quesion: You are a big fan oft he Simpsons. In Germany we have a kind of Simpson-Channel too where u can watch the Simpsons for hours. What do u like most about it?

Ciaran: As a little boy I grew up with the Simpsons and I am sure I watched every episode more than once. I’m not sure what I like so much about the Simpsons- I think Homer is kind of a little hero to me.. He lives his life on the fast track with a lot of incidents on his way and I think most of the people like him. But I also like his funny type and the way he makes me laugh with his jokes. I always say to myself if I could live my life as relaxed as he does it I would be a happy man.

Thank you Ciaran for that short interview and good luck for your future.

More informations to Ciaran can be found onwww.youtube.com/user/ronb15

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