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Interview from 14.03.09:

This week – Musician Christelle Berthon from Chateauroux Frankreich!

Question: With harmonica sounds you connect mans who sit on bonefire and eat beans and drink whiskey. How come a women plays harmonica?

Christelle: It is kind of crazy but the reason why I play harmonica ist hat is is a small and cheap instrument. Thats why I bought it. I was a oboe musician before and I wanted to change. My music is a kind of classic music and blues. And I’m just in love with this instrument.

Question: You teach worldwide by webcam. How do u arrange your schedule with the time differences?

Christelle: My Students and I are looking together fort the right time. I teach students in Hongking, Japan and the USA and there is always a solution.

Question: In Germany a harmonic musician won in a casting show. That should be possible in France too does it?

Christelle: France has not the kulture of that Instument group.

Thank you Christelle fort hat short interview and good luck for your future!

You can find all informations to Christelle on: www.christellehardpqueen.net

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