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Fallen for the U.S. and disposed on the garbage.

11/11/2011 - Washington (USA) - Video (left) Panetta: Air Force to Review Dover Penalties. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says he has ordered the Air Force to take a second look at its decision to discipline, but not fire, three supervisors at the military mortuary where some war remains were mishandled. Video (right) - Air Force Admits 'Gross Mismanagement' of Soldiers' Remains. Dover Air Force base in Delaware receives America\'s war dead in solemn ceremonies, but after a year-long investigation, the Air Force acknowledged \"gross mismanagement\" of some remains within the base\'s mortuary. Margret Warner discusses the revelations with The Washington Post\'s Craig Whitlock. 
Infos & Video by AP & PBS - www.ap.org & www.pbs.org  

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