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First reactions on Twitter after the massacre of Newtown.

12/17/2012 - New York City ( USA ) - First reactions on Twitter after the massacre of Newtown (12.14.2012):
Governor Christie: 10 days before Christmas, it’s unthinkable that you send your children to school and they are in harm's way.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Gov: We as a society must unify and once and for all crack down on the guns that have cost the lives of far too many innocent Americans.

Reagan Gomez ( I'm a wife, mommy, and I do a little bit of acting ): I encourage everyone to tweet @BarackObama and tell him we cannot ignore the gun violence in our country. We need you to lead on this issue.

President Obama Speaks at Newtown High School. President Obama delivers remarks at an interfaith prayer vigil for the victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. December 17, 2012.

LA LA ( Celeb ): What is the world coming too? This madness has to stop! Praying now for the families and victims ...Not even school's are safe..

Kim Kardashian ( Celeb ): These kids come to school to learn, never expecting this tragedy to happen. They didn't deserve this. Praying for everyone involved!

John Francis Daley ( Actor (BONES), Writer (HORRIBLE BOSSES), Musician ): We can't limit the crazy people in the world, but we can limit what they have access to.

Jenny McCarthy ( Celeb ): Cant stop crying. My heart goes out to these familes.

Kourtney Kardashian ( Celeb ): If this tragedy doesn't change something in this country regarding guns...I just want to scream and cry. Deeply saddened. Praying.

Post Scott Wilson ( Washington Post White House correspondent ): "We cannot and will not be passive in the face of such violence...." -Obama in Tuscon Jan 2011, at memorial for shooting victims

Nicole Murphy ( Mother - International Model - Designer - TV Personality ): This is so sad 27 people mostly children dead @ a school shooting I'm sorry but they need 2 change the gun laws now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alfredo Gutierrez ( daily digital newspaper about immigration reform ): White House: "today not the day to discuss gun control" Maybe when the number of dead children reaches 100?

Gilly Hendrix ( Twitter User ): Bless the families of the victims involved in the school shooting. Its crazy that schools can't even be safe .

Mike (Twitter User ): If the killing of 18 schoolkids doesn't bring about a change in American gun laws, then we should weep for the US. #school shooting

Jay James ( A young Entrepreneur designing the lifestyle I want.): Sickened by the reports of the Newton school shooting.18 children dead. This is the most heartbreaking thing I've ever heard. Prayers to all.

marc blank-settle (Working at BBC College of Journalism on smartphones & social media): If the killing of 18 schoolkids doesn't bring about a change in American gun laws, then we should weep for the US

Andy Katz ( ESPN.com senior writer ): Report: this is the worst school shooting in American history. Speechless. Mortified. How can people not respect life? Children? Enough!

TJ Holmes ( Journalist, Native Arkansan. ): 18 children. This is awful.

Dr. Andy Baldwin ( U.S. Navy ): 27 dead in a school shooting. 18 of them are kids. So tell me again, when are we allowed to talk about gun control?

Nick Kristof ( New York Times columnist ): Kids reported dead in CT school shooting. How many school & mall shootings before we regulate guns as seriously as cars?

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