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Chinese Year of the Dragon Welcomed in New York's Chinatown.

01/23/2012 - New York City ( USA ) - Video (left) - Chinese Year of the Dragon Welcomed in New York's Chinatown. And up next we travel to New York City, where people said goodbye to the year of the rabbit. As our correspondent reports, it's become one of the biggest events in Manhattan's Chinatown. In New York's Chinatown, Chinese New Year is one of the biggest celebrations of the year.Yesterday was the final day of the year of the rabbit. We took a look around the Museum of Chinese in America—or MOCA as it's known locally. Tour groups were heading out through Chinatown, hearing how the now-famous district started out, and how today it is divided into different regions. Inside MOCA, patrons were checking out some traditional Chinese art forms. [Mr. S.W. Sang, Chinese Culture Art Association Chair]: "I hope in the coming year of the dragon to bring all the happy, healthy to the whole world." Video (right) - NYC Celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year. Asian Americans gathered to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with fireworks, dancing and confetti on Monday which marks the beginning of the Chinese year of the Dragon.

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