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Brooklyn Bridge shut down by protesters more than 700 arrested.

10/02/2011 - New York ( USA ) - Video ( left ) - Brooklyn Bridge Video: Police clash with OccupyWallStreet protesters. Occupy Wall Street protesters march from Liberty Plaza to the Brooklyn Bridge on the afternoon of Saturday, October 1, 2011. Blocked by the police from crossing the footpath, a large group of protesters chose the roadbed, which is reserved for cars. The arrests seen in this video happened between around 4:30 and 5 p.m. Video ( right) - RT's OccupyWallStreet footage: Brooklyn Bridge shut down by protesters. Thousands of protesters who have been camping out near Wall Street have spilled out onto the roadway, causing the Brooklyn Bridge to be shut down. At least 700 people have been arrested, including a New York Times reporter. The clash and confrontation between NYPD and thousands of protesters took place on New York's Brooklyn Bridge.. 
Infos & Video by RT - www.rt.com  

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