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Australian PM gets her shoe back after protest scuffle.

01/28/2012 - Sydney ( Australia ) - Video (left) - Gillard jostled on Australia Day. There was a nasty surprise for Australia's prime minister and leader of the opposition who chose to celebrate Australia's national public holiday at an awards ceremony in a Canberra restaurant. But a crowd of protesters got wind of the event and some 200 supporters of indigenous rights came from the nearby Aboriginal Tent Assembly, a gathering to protest against the official Australia Day they dub "Invasion Day". The Assembly is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Video (right) - Australian PM gets her shoe back after protest scuffle. Both sides are blaming each other after an incident that saw Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard rushed out of an event by her security team on Thursday. Aboriginal rights protester Gwenda Stanley returned a shoe Gillard had lost as she hurried to her car the day before. "With the authority of the sovereign people of the Aboriginal tent embassy, I stand before you as an ambassador of goodwill. I therefore wish to return the shoe that was left behind in the violent commotion created by your security team," Stanley said.

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