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America's Dirty Secret: Child Sex Trafficking.

07/11/2011 - USA - Video  - The U.S. government can't break down the exact numbers for child sex trafficking because it is a hidden crime, but it is estimated over 100,000 children end up in the child sex trade in the United States.

October 2009 - At national raids the US-federal police has released FBI in October 2009, 50 children and youngsters from the prostitution. The latest victim has only been ten years old, the FBI informed. About more than 690 people were arrested by the action. The authorities speak of "sexual slavery".

By 3-day searches in 36 US towns nearly more than 690 people were arrested according to police data in October, 2009, under it more than 59 supposed pimps. The latest prostitution victim was a ten year-old girl according to FBI; most of the remaining ones were under 18 years old.

It is repellent that big grief and pain is added to children by the compulsion to the sexual slavery, said the acting Chief State Prosecutor Lanny Breuer at that time from the US Ministry of Justice. The extent of the raid shows that „the scourge of the child prostitution“ on the streets of the USA continues to exist. Infos by AP and Detlef Friedrich & Video by AP - www.ap.org  

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