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The Associated Press - #NewsMinute - here's the latest news for Friday, Oct. 31st.2014: - Virgin Galactic spacecraft crashes; Trooper killing suspect jeered by crowds; Judge rejects limits on nurse who treated Ebola patients; Giants celebrate victory. - AP.org

Hourly updates - 2014-

   U.S. Politics

  • Pres. Obama: Working When Congress Won't Act

    Washington - 05/17/2014: In this week's address, the President discusses actions to expand opportunity for more Americans, with or without the help of Republicans in Congress, including his Administration's efforts to cut red tape for major transportation infrastructure projects.

     And in the coming days, the President will meet with business leaders to highlight the importance of bringing jobs back to America and will also discuss the economic benefits of making it easier for tourists to visit and spend money at attractions in the U.S., which in turn helps local businesses and grows the economy for everyone. -WhiteHouse.gov

  • Featuring 14 Members of the House

    Washington - 05/10/2014: In this week's Republican address, the authors of more than a dozen House-passed jobs bills call on President Obama and Senate Democrats to act and match the House's focus on the economy.

    At the conclusion of the address, Education & the Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline (R-MN) says, "These are only some of the many bills we have passed to provide new hope to families, workers, and students across the country. More are in the works. Because our focus, day in and day out, is on building a stronger economy and a better America. It's time for President Obama and senate democrats to step up and make that their priority too." - GOP.gov

  • McCaskill: Campus Assault Survey Is Wake Up Call.

    Washington - 07/09/2014 - About 40 percent of colleges and universities reported not having conducted a sexual assault investigation in the past five years. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., whose office conducted the survey, said the findings are a wake up call to schools. - ap.org

    Former War College Leader: No to Syria Strikes.

    Washington - 09/10/2013 - Former Commandant of the U.S. Army War College, Retired Major General Robert Scales, warns during a House Homeland Security hearing that an American strike against Syria could endanger security at home and American interests abroad. - ap.org

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Halle Berry vs. Britney Spears: Inside Look at Their Sexy Lingerie Lines

10/27/2014 - Oscar winner and world-class beauty Halle Berry is the latest celebrity to launch a lingerie line – and she’s giving our special fashion correspondent Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief for Lucky magazine, an inside look at her sexy sleepwear collection. - etonline.com

The Stars Spill on Their Halloween Faves!

10/30/2014 - We caught up with some of your favorite reality TV stars at Life & Style's 10th Anniversary Party and we got the inside scoop on all of their Halloween favorites. - celebtv.com

Here's a Behind the Scenes Look at Kim Kardashian on '2 Broke Girls'

10/27/2014 - ET went behind the scenes of 2 Broke Girls with season premiere guest star Kim Kardashian. Watch the video for a sneak peek!. - etonline.com

Halloween: Scariest house in America?

10/31/2014 - It's Halloween, so we take you to one of the scariest houses in America. Benjamin "Zombie" Zand reports, and just to warn you, his report contains flashing images.  bbc.com


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